Lynn O'Connor MD

研究 & 咨询


作为一个研究员, 博士. O ’ 康纳已执行许多案例点评, 广泛的文献搜索, 关于当前诊断和先进的技术的定性和定量的评价与治疗结肠癌和直肠癌的其他问题. 她参与了临床研究与全国各地许多顶级专​​家.

下列研究报告的研究现状及治疗方式所占比例, 博士. 奥康纳已经介入.

4/2003 – 2/2004 富兰克林广场医院医疗中心
约翰 L. Zapas, 马里兰州, 流式细胞仪

肝动脉动脉瘤和随之而来的转移性肝疾病管理执行案件的审查和广泛的文献检索有关当前的诊断及治疗方法. 我们讨论了术前, 正在考虑为肝动脉灌注化疗的结直肠癌肝转移患者的评估期间发现的肝动脉瘤治疗中的手术和术后注意事项. 此外讨论了罕见的这种临床情况和肝动脉结扎、 肝切除联合手术治疗.

4/2003 – 2/2004 富兰克林广场医院医疗中心
约翰 L. Zapas, 马里兰州, 流式细胞仪

Patients, who have colorectal metastases that are not amenable to resection, may benefit from radiofrequency ablation (射频消融术) of these lesions. This treatment was also being used to destroy other primary cancers that arise from or have metastases to the liver. We hypothesized that these patients do not derive a similar benefit from RFA of the liver. We performed an extensive literature search and retrospective review of thirteen patients with localized malignant liver tumors from various primary tissues of origin. Patient data was stratified and compared according to primary tumor diagnosis. Demographic data as well as outcome data were compared using chi square analysis and non-parametric Mann-Whitney tests.

7/1997 – 5/1998 Graduate Hospital, Dept. of Surgery
Manucher Fallahnejad, 马里兰州, 哥伦比亚革命武装部队

Extensive literature search and chart review regarding surgical intervention for the treatment of complications of esophageal metallic stent placement.

6/1995 – 5/1997 寺大学医学院临床医学专业, Dept. of Radiation Oncology
Craig Silverman, 马里兰州

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of a consecutively treated group of patients with secretory and non-secretory pituitary adenomas. Patients were treated for cure with combination of external beam and stereotactic radiosurgery.

1/1992 – 5/1992 City of New Haven, Dept. of Health, Yale Community Project Group
Lowel Levin, PhD

Defined and established research criteria to evaluate and statistically analyze the efficacy of the Maternal and Child Health Outreach Program. The findings and project recommendations were presented to the Department Director and staff members.