Lynn O'Connor MD

For the past 20 years, Dr. Lynn M. O’Connor has made it her mission to provide women with the foremost treatment, technology and information related to preventive public health issues and colon and rectal health. Not only is she an outstanding surgeon, she served as the Directer of the Women’s Colorectal Care Program for the Colorectal Surgical Associates in Great Neck, NY. She is now based at ProHealth Care Associates, a New York based group of Board Certified physicians who specialize in the advanced treatment of all colorectal problems. Dr. O’Connor is outspoken with her concern about declining health patterns due to lack of exercise, growing obesity and the increase in colon cancer among the U.S. female population.

Dr. O’Connor has been honored for her extensive research and service to the medical profession and has had much of her work peer reviewed and published. She is a noted speaker, lecturing nationally on advanced techniques related to Colorectal therapeutic considerations. She is also available to consult with regard to diseases and issues affecting a person’s global health and well being, targeting on dietary and colon health emphasizing exercise, diet and obesity prevention.



Dr. O’Connor has performed many case reviews, extensive literature searches, and qualitative and quantitative evaluations regarding current diagnostics and advanced techniques related to the treatment of colon cancer and other rectal problems.

Lynn O'Connor, MD


Dr. O’Connor has been practicing Colon and Rectal Surgery since 2006. She is an attending surgeon at St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, New York, North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset, and North Shore University Hospital at Huntington, New York.

Dr. Lynn O'Connor


Dr. O’Connor gives speeches, lectures and presentations, with both national and international recognition. She is highly respected and maintains a special interest in Women’s Colorectal Health, placing great emphasis on colon cancer screening.